Reporter: Mister Party General Secretary and State President, what do you think about the coincidence that the CPV was founded in the beginning of a year and in spring?

Party General Secretary and State President: The year of 2020 marks the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the CPV. Over the past 90 springs, the CPV has led the nation from victory to victory.

The foundation of the CPV in the spring of 1930 was seen as an inevitable result of the development of the Vietnamese revolution. It also demonstrated the reality that the nation very much needed an elite force to unite and lead patriotic movements against long-term foreign domination. Interestingly, the Party was founded in the spring, which begins a new year and symbolizes good things.

In spring of 1930, Nguyen Ai Quoc chaired a conference to unite three communist organizations in Vietnam and Indochina, namely the Indochina Communist Party, the Communist Party of Annam, and the Communist League of Indochina. They formed into a unique political organization named the Indochinese Communist Party, which led revolutionary movements in Vietnam and Indochina. Under the leadership of the Party, the Vietnamese people have overcome historical ups and downs as well as numerous difficulties and hardships. Under the leadership of the Party, the Vietnamese people have gained national independence and freedom, unified the country and are now joining efforts to build a developed and prosperous country.

Party General Secretary, State President and Secretary of the Central Military Commission Nguyen Phu Trong

Since the birth of the Party, especially since the country’s unification, spring is always a happy season for the Vietnamese people as all Vietnamese people celebrate the founding anniversary of the Party and recall national glorious victories in wartime and socio-economic achievements in peacetime under the sound leadership of the Party. For Vietnamese people, the Party brings absolute trust and national pride, and the Party is the unique vanguard elite force that has led and will be able to lead the Vietnamese revolution to future success.

Neverthess, we must also say that the Party has occasionally made mistakes in its leadership. In the spirit of open and constructive critism and self-criticism, the Party quickly recognized and made public its mistakes and effectively fixed the mistakes even while encountering many obstacles and difficulties. But the very brave, fairness and uprightness of the Party has promoted people’s trust. It can be said that few political parties in the world could win credibility, trust, respect and love from people like the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Reporter: What do you think is the biggest achievement obtained by the Party over the past 90 years?

Party General Secretary and State President: The Party has led the nation to reach so many achievements that thousands of books are needed to record. But the greatest and most significant achievement that the Party has made for the nation over the past 90 years is national independence and freedom. As we, the Vietnamese people, have true independence and freedom, we can now build a civilized, developed and prosperous Vietnam and contribute positively to peace and development in the region and world.   

During the 90-year history, the Party has led the nation to surmount numerous difficulties and turn a semi-feudal colony with widespread hunger into today’s Vietnam with impressive socio-economic development and increasingly charismatic in the international arena. The position of the Party is also continuously raised. The Party has changed its status from a political party leading the national revolution to the ruling party of the country, which has led the nation to achieve universally-recognized successes in national socio-economic development as well as industrialization and modernization. Today, the Party also leads the nation to implement the Doi Moi (renovation) policy and open-door policy, under which the country proactively and actively promotes international integration, opening her arms to other nations around the world for the benefits of the nation as well as for the sake of peace, friendship, equality, cooperation, progress and development of humanity. 

Reporter: Which achievement do you think is the most impressive from last year?

Party General Secretary and State President: The year of 2019 was considered a bumber crop as the country reached and surpassed all objectives set by the 12th National Party Congress. We had an impressive economic growth rate, consolidated national defense, ensured national security, and other fields like culture, sports, health and education also saw positive developments. Especially, the credibility and position of the Party and State were raised.

Last year, the Party building work also achieved good outcomes thanks to sound policies and effective approaches. The Party bravely cut off “cancer cells” living in its body; as a result, the Party has now become healthier and more united. The political system after the rearrangement has been more elite, more efficient and more effective. Party members and cadres at all levels now all have a high sense of responsibility for their service for the Party, State and people.

It must be noted that last year’s Party building drives have improved the quality of leadership in Party organizations and the whole Party while strengthening the Party’s principle and discipline as well as fostering revolutionary virtues among Party members and people.  

Also in 2019, the entire people upheld great national unity. The Party and political system regained people’s trust while Vietnamese people from all walks of life are aware of their duties, responsibilities and rights to devote their parts to the community and the country. Vietnamese athletes participating in the 30th SEA GAMES were bright examples of the endeavor of the Vietnamese people while many farmers, workers, scientists and businesspeople symbolized the hard-working character and creativity of the nation.

As we are living in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), many agencies and businesses are trying to research and develop new technologies so as to help Vietnam catch up with developed nations around the world.

The year of 2019 also saw a large contribution from overseas Vietnamese communities to the country’s development. Many overseas Vietnamese joined the common effort to implement the Doi Moi process, develop the country and firmly protect the Socialist Fatherland of Vietnam.

In general speaking, the most significant achievement in 2019 is that the Party crafted the policies suitable for people’s thoughts and aspirations so the Party could mobilize the comprehensive strength and minds of the entire people. As the Party is trusted and loved by people, they followed and successfully implemented the Party’s policies. This is a good basis for the country to continue developing faster and more sustainably in 2020.

Reporter: 2020 is a very important year for the Party and the country as it is the last year implementing the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress. Do you want to convey a message to all Party members and people? 

Party General Secretary and State President: It can be said that the country has now been more prosperous and developed than ever before. Today, we have many advantages. First, the whole Party and people will implement our revolutionary tasks when we celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Party. Second, we will continue building our Party and developing the country based on the great achievements last year. Third, the entire Party, army and people will continue to be united. Fourth, we will continue to receive strong support from international friends and partners and the credibility and status of the country will rise in the world.

In 2020, we also have important tasks to do. The most important one is to prepare for the organization of Party congresses at all levels. It is the duty of not only the Party organizations but also the whole political system and people. Everyone should participate in drafting documents and introducing excellent Party members to Party committees at all levels. For a strong Party, Party organizations, mass organizations and people should carefully select Party members with a good leadership capacity and good virtues to Party committees so as to completely prevent opportunists, persons with degraded morality, and persons thirsty for power from holding leading positions at all levels.

Regarding foreign affairs, our country should perform our duties as the ASEAN Chair in 2020 and non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in the 2020-21 period while successfully implementing the Party’s resolutions on external relations on both bilateral and multilateral channels.

Based on the strong unity in the Party and people, I belive that Party congresses, particularly the 13th National Party Congress, will be successfully organized.

On the occasion of the Traditional Lunar New Year, on behalf of the Party and State, I would like to thank every Vietnamese person and wish a happy and successful New Year to all Vietnamese families in Vietnam and other countries around the world. I also extend best New Year wishes to all officers and soldiers of the Veitnam People’s Army.

Reporter: Thank you, Party General Secretary and State President!

Translated by Thu Nguyen