Transport safety has been taught in an appealing way through the use of marionettes at an event held for 2,000 students and their parents at Tan Tuc Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City's Binh Chanh district.

The families live in areas near Trung Luong Highway, which has a high rate of accidents compared to other city locations.

The animal puppets were personified and controlled from above by strings and bars.

Primary students wearing helmets at the event. Photo:

The play, written by the Thang Bom Marionette Play Group and performed by students, focused on the need to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

Two of the eight animals said that it was not necessary – until they had an accident.

The play was also performed at four other primary schools in HCM City and Dong Nai province.

Ho Thi Dung, principal at Tan Tuc Primary School, said that all her students loved the play and understood the message.

She said the play was an example of educational methodology.

Nguyen Tien Dung of the Thang Bom Group said that marionette plays with a plot close to children's daily life were an effective means of educating people.

The play will be performed at more primary schools as the positive response from students had inspired the performers, he said.

The play was part of "I Love Helmet" Family Day program held by the HCM City Department of Education and Training in cooperation with the Traffic Safety Committee and Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation.

Under the sponsorship of the UPS Foundation, the program aims to raise awareness about road safety among students and parents.

A fashion show, interactive games and a road safety knowledge competition also were part of the event.

Nearly 2,000 children die due to road injuries each year in Vietnam, making it the second leading cause of death among children aged five to 14.

A National Child Helmet Action Plan this year is being carried out throughout the country, organized by AIP and the national Traffic Safety Committee.

Source: VNA