Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in a group photo with female deputies to National Assembly. Photo:

Would-be female candidates for the upcoming National Assembly and People's Council elections gathered in Hanoi on April 18 to learn the necessary skills.

The two-day conference is part of activities to lift the rate of female representatives in both bodies to more than 30 percent.

The women are learning how to build their images, make and present action plans through the media and in front of voters as well as the skills needed to meet and canvass voters.

Vice chairman of the NA Committee for Social Affairs Luong Phan Cu said the media plays an important role in introducing candidates to voters by rapidly conveying their plans, messages and images.

"Candidates should develop skills at reading and writing – and especially at speaking," he said.

"To make their speech more persuasive, candidates should carefully study political attitudes and the intellectual level of voters as well as the socio-economic development and traditions where voters live," Cu added.

Vice Chairwoman of the NA Council for Ethnic Minorities, Bui Thi Binh said creating an action plan is the most effective tool for canvassing voters directly.

A good action plan helps show candidates' respect for voters and their determination to accomplish tasks.

"An action plan should focus on a candidate's biography, their responsibilities as a NA deputy and their desire to get the backing of voters," Binh said.

Vice Chairman of the National Fatherland Front Central Committee Nguyen Van Pha said there are few female candidates as most agencies and organisations introduce males – and women remain hesitant.

"Female candidates also face male chauvinism, low intellectual levels by some voters and the lack of information for those living in remote and mountainous areas," he added.

"More information dissemination and campaigns are needed to give women better chances," he said.

Truong Thi Mai, a member of the Party Central Committee and Chairwoman of the NA Social Affairs Committee, said the increasing presence of female NA deputies will help create better balanced policies.

"Ensuring a reasonable rate of female NA deputies and People's Council members is in line with the national target on gender equality," Mai said.

Source: VNA