To protect one of the country’s most important events, Xo said since June 2019, the entire public security force has considered the guarantee of absolute security and safety for the Congress as a key task. It outlined an overall plan and nine specific plans to deal with all possible cases of terrorism or public disturbance.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security Maj. Gen. To An Xo

Efforts to ensure security and safety have been carried out not only in Hanoi but also in all provinces and cities nationwide and in all aspects. Crackdown on crimes and close management of foreigners and illegal entries into Vietnam were launched, together with inspections on fire prevention and control, thus creating a safe and healthy environment for the Congress.

Xo added that at a rehearsal on January 10, the ministry directed new contents with the participation of new special-purpose combatant means, including holding the first parade of cavalry mobile police, anti-terrorism drill and protecting guards, which not only reflected the public security force’s power and determination but also their thorough preparations for possible contingencies.

Following the launching ceremony, the public security force nationwide entered the “new ready” status to protect security and safety of the Congress. They will stay on duty at the highest level in all units and localities. Armed patrols to discover crimes and law violators will be held with higher frequency, especially at complicated areas, and even on the cyber space.

According to Xo, the force issued a number of plans to ensure cyber and information security, actively fight and reject wrongful and hostile allegations, counteract malicious, wrongful and fake news. Such measures will be taken before, during and after the Congress.

Source: VNA