Handing over their appointment decisions to the diplomats at a ceremony, the State leader asked them to create mutual understanding and trust, promote firm cooperation with traditional partners in all fields, take full advantage of partners' potential, and bring about benefits in both bilateral and multilateral relations.

At the event

He also reminded them to step up the implementation of the vaccine and health diplomacy strategy.

The top priorities are economic development, the enhancement of Vietnam's prestige in the international arena, and the realization of the nation’s aspiration for peace, he stated.

He also highlighted the importance of working with overseas Vietnamese, implementing citizen protection measures, mobilizing resources from the expatriate community for national construction, and promoting the preservation of Vietnam's traditional culture among them.

Vietnamese Ambassador to India Nguyen Thanh Hai committed that the diplomats will always try their best and stay flexible and adaptive to successfully complete their assigned tasks, as well as closely follow the development requirements of Vietnam, including the vaccine diplomacy, ensuring the interests of the nation.

Source: VNA