The 299 officials represented nearly 11,000 communal VFF committees' presidents and more than 90,000 heads of boards for VFF affairs across the country.

According to President of the VFF Central Committee Do Van Chien, they have stayed close to the community and understood the people's aspirations and expectations, and are an active force in popularizing the Party and State's policies and laws.

President honors outstanding VFF officials.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc recognized their contribution to the VFF strong performance in strengthening social consensus, caring for the people, encouraging the people to engage in patriotism movements, conducting social supervision and criticism, preventing corruption, and building the Party and the administration.

The leader asked the VFF Central Committee to continue strengthening the operations of the VFF committees at the communal level as well as the boards for VFF affairs in the community, considering it a vital factor of front work.

He requested VFF officials continue to stay close to the people from all walks of life, while asking for more favorable conditions for those involved in supervising the operation of the local administration.

He said he hopes VFF officials will report hot, current and sensitive matters of public attention and give advice on solutions. They should continuously improve their communication skills, while taking the lead in all movements and better caring for the people's living conditions, he said.

The State leader expected the VFF to continue to renovate their operation contents and methods, further promoting the role of communal VFF committees and boards for VFF affairs in more than 100,000 residential areas across the country, thus gathering the strength of 100 million people inside the country and Vietnamese community abroad towards the target of building Vietnam into a strong, democratic, equal, and civilized country with rich people.

Source: VNA