A report at the meeting noted that over the recent years, the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF), socio-political and mass organisations have actively given counseling to Party committees and administrations to increase direct contact and dialogue with their members and people of different strata. Leaders of the Government, provinces and cities have had regular meetings with workers, farmers, women and young people to listen to and better realise their aspirations.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (standing) speaks at the event

At the meeting, PM Phuc stressed the importance of mass mobilisation and the representation of people’s rights and legitimate aspirations, noting that VFF committees at all levels and socio-political and mass organisations, which are the Party and State’s representatives in the masses, have daily contacts with the people.

Pointing out certain shortcomings in the mass mobilisation work, he said the solidarity and unanimity among the Party, State and people will create the power.

He asked the organisations to reform their activities, increase meetings with the people to further understand them, and deal with existing shortcomings and weaknesses.

They also need to continue disseminating policies and laws; better perform their role as a bridge linking the Party, State and people to create consensus in the society to help carry out socio-economic tasks successfully; and encourage Vietnamese people both at home and abroad, including intellectuals and entrepreneurs, to join hands in developing the nation, the PM added.

Source: VNA