The request was made by Truong Thi Mai, Politburo member, Permanent Member of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat and Chairwoman of the Party Central Committee’s Organization Commission, at a meeting held on April 22 to disseminate the Secretariat’s Directive 32-CT/TW on enhancing the Party’s leadership over the IUU fishing combat and the fisheries sector’s sustainable development.

The event was connected with the 28 coastal provinces and cities via videoconference.

Ms. Truong Thi Mai addresses the event. (Photo:

Mai said that since the European Commission issued the “yellow card” in 2017, Vietnam has become further aware of this issue’s negative impacts on the long-term development of the fisheries sector. Better awareness could be seen among all-level Party committees, the political system, localities, fishermen, and relevant workers who have also made stronger and more active moves.

She emphasized the need for full awareness, full action, and full determination to realize the targets and solutions specified in Directive 32-CT/TW. In particular, the “very high” target is to have the “yellow card” lifted in 2024.

The official cited the directive as identifying this as an important, urgent, and also long-term issue.

Negative impacts of the warning are clear, she pointed out, elaborating that all aquatic exports to the E.U. have to undergo examination, instead of random check. Expenses companies have to pay have also increased. In the long run, if the “yellow card” is not removed, not only the development of the fisheries sector or the country is affected but livelihoods of millions of fishermen and relevant workers will also be influenced.

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Given this, Mai asked relevant ministries, sectors, and localities to show strong resolve to have the “yellow card” lifted this year.

In the long term, she added, it is necessary to restructure the fisheries sectors towards transparency, responsibility, and sustainability; create suitable livelihoods and improve the life quality for fishermen and related workers; and conserve and develop fishery resources, thereby promoting Vietnam’s image, stature, and reputation.

Additionally, Party committees, organizations, agencies, and units should commend the collectives and individuals with good implementation of the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws in a timely manner, conduct frequent examination, enhance consensus among and give support to fishermen and workers, and protect fishermen’s rights and legitimate interests, according to the Party official.

At the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang presented the Government’s action plan for implementing Directive 32-CT/TW.

Source: VNA