Vietnamese women have made great contributions to the nation’s construction and defence, says Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

Mr Trong made the compliment at the 11th National Women’s Congress, which opened in Hanoi on March 12. He said these invaluable contributions cherished Vietnamese women’s fine traditions.

It was reported at the meeting that over the past five years, Vietnamese Women’s Union (VWU) chapters at all levels have successfully implemented resolutions on women's work adopted at the 10th National Party and Women’s Congress, contributing significantly to national socio-economic development.

Women’s patriotic movements have been positively responded in line with the campaign to study and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, the report said.

Accounting for 51.37 percent of rural labourers, women play an important role in agricultural production and building new rural areas. In the face of the global financial crisis, businesswomen have also tried their best to iron out snags and develop while taking the initiative to affirm their position in the family and exercise their civil rights.

During the 2007-2012 tenure, the VWU has successfully promoted communication to improve women’s knowledge and qualifications in all fields. It also involved in building laws and policies helping protect women’s legitimate rights, strengthen grassroots-level organizations, develop household economies, and reduce poverty.

The Union also devised orientations for the 2012-2017 tenure, aiming to unite women from all walks of life and encourage them to take part in socio-economic development and national construction, as well as building happy families and improving their mental and physical lives.

It also set the target to uphold its key role in boosting women’s work and promoting gender equality in Vietnam.

Party leader Trong highlighted the direction of Party Committees, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and authorities at all levels, along with the assistance of international friends, for establishing gender equality and protecting women and children.

He also pointed out shortcomings in women’s work which have neither encouraged their creativity nor met the requirements of the Renewal (Doi Moi) process.

The Party chief proposed that the VWU fully grasp the 11th National Party Congress resolutions, the Party’s political platform and other socio-economic development strategies; boost communication about Party and State policies and guidelines, and improve emulation movements to fully tap women’s potential.

He asked the Union to reform its operational methods, build a stronger organization, improve the qualification of its cadres and encourage its members to participate in building the Party and State to build up people’s trust.

Mr Trong asked Party Committees, State agencies, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, and social and media organizations to work together to raise public awareness of gender equality.

General Secretary Trong also presented a laudatory banner with the words “Solidarity, Creativity, Integration, and Development” to the VWU at the ceremony.

Source: VOV