At a working session with him during his working visit there, the Standing Board of the municipal Party Committee reported on the implementation outcomes of the resolutions adopted at the 13th National Party Congress and the 11th municipal Party Congress.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong greets HCM City officials at the meeting on September 23.

It proactively issued a resolution for the recovery period as soon as HCM City had basically brought the COVID-19 pandemic under control. Its Standing Board also ordered the issuance of a local socio-economic recovery and development programme for 2022 - 2025.

As a result, the city posted economic growth of 3.82% in the first half of 2022, a rate expected to reach 9.71% in the first nine months. It has enjoyed fair growth in foreign trade, strong recovery in trading, services, and tourism, and 2.91 billion USD in FDI attraction so far. Encouraging outcomes have also been recorded in cultural and social affairs, health care, education - training, science - technology, COVID-19 response, defense - security ensuring, and foreign relations.

Applauding efforts and achievements by the local Party Organization, administration, and people, General Secretary Trong said with its outstanding potential, advantages, attractiveness, and competitiveness, HCM City should further step up reforms, exert stronger efforts, and bring into better play its role as the biggest development driver for the southeastern region and the whole country.

The leader once again expressed his sympathies with the people of the city and the whole region over the huge and unprecedented losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He demanded full and proper awareness of the city’s potential, outstanding advantages, and its particularly important position and role in the national reform, development, and defense, as well as in the development of the southeastern region.

To successfully make strategic breakthroughs and tackle bottlenecks in terms of regulations, infrastructure, and human resources, the leader pointed out the necessity to further promote economic restructuring in combination with growth model reform, and enhance the city’s capacity and the quality of institutionalising and implementing the Party’s guidelines and the State’s laws in a way appropriate to the local situation and conditions.

The city should prioritize the creation of stronger breakthroughs in its urban infrastructure and the building of a high-capacity public transport system, as well as improve the current transport situation and work out more fundamental solutions to deal with problems on environment, climate change, and rising sea level, he stressed.

The Party leader requested the continuation of reforming and comprehensively improving education and training; developing human resources, especially high-quality ones and those for leadership and management positions; strongly facilitating science - technology and the knowledge economy to support fast and sustainable development; and consolidating and completing the healthcare network from the municipal to grassroots levels.

At the meeting, he also asked HCM City to improve local residents' spiritual life, resolutely prevent and eradicate social vices and crimes, reduce traffic accidents, ensure due attention to defence - security safeguarding, stay ready to respond to any circumstances, and capitalize on the combined strength of the entire political system and the great national solidarity.

The local Party Organization needs to unceasingly reform and enhance its leadership and combatant strength, properly carry out the Party building and rectification, and build a truly incorruptible and strong political system, the General Secretary said, demanding it to take this as a key task decisive to the success of other fields.

He emphasised the importance of further strengthening the Party and administration’s ties with the people, relying on the people to build the Party and political system, and using the people’s satisfaction as the measurement of all-level Party committees and administrations’ performance.

At the working session

The leader expressed his belief that the Party Organization, administration, and people of HCM City will further cement solidarity, make stronger reforms, and live up to its role as the biggest development driver for the southeastern region and the country.

Source: VNA