The website also spotlights major international news and issues of public concern, while supplying documents, data and professional guidelines on external relations, and rejecting wrongful and distorted information and stances on Vietnam.

The news website is available at

The news website, available at, also provides a library of photos and videos featuring major external events of the Party and State as well as the images, culture and people of Vietnam.

The launching of the website is expected to diversify the forms of external information popularization, especially among foreigners and Vietnamese people abroad with high interaction.

A handbook, entitled “Glorious Fatherland, Vietnam’s Fortune” was also launched at the ceremony. It consists of three parts, highlighting the outstanding achievements of Vietnam on the path of “Doi moi” (renewal), integration and development; the position and prestige of Vietnam; and the vision and desire of Vietnam.

Published by the Su That (Truth) National Political Publishing House and Tre (Youth) Publishing House, the publication provides valuable information and documentary data on the overall situation of Vietnam 75 years after its liberation and 35 years of implementing the “Doi moi” cause.

Source: VNA