At a working session with the provincial Election Committee, Luu was reported that Thai Binh has set up three constituencies for the election of deputies to the 15th NA, 16 for the election of deputies to the provincial People’s Council, 64 for the district-level People’s Councils, and 1,781 for the councils at commune level.

NA Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu (standing) speaks at the working session with the Election Committee of Thai Binh.

As of March 14, the provincial Election Committee had received nominations of 13 candidates to the 15th NA, including one-self nominated candidate, along with 124 candidates to the provincial People’s Council, and 598 candidates to district-level People’s Councils, and 12,407 to the People’s Council at communal level. 

The province held the second round of negotiations from March 21 to April 13, and plans to hold the third round before April 18. Election groups in communes, wards and townships will be set up by April 3, while the final list of voters will be made public before April 13.

Luu spoke highly of Thai Binh’s performance in preparing for the elections in line with guidance from the central level.

He reminded the province to work hard to ensure that the elections will take place in a democratic, equal, safe and economical manner in line with the law.

He also asked the locality to continue strengthening communications on the elections, which is slated for May 23.

Meanwhile, another supervision team led by NA Vice Chairman Phung Quoc Hien also held a working session with the central province of Quang Tri on the preparations for the elections.

At the event, Hien, a member of the NEC, lauded the efforts made by Quang Tri in the work, which meets the scheduled progress and relevant regulations.

He asked the province to build possible scenarios for timely settlement of any arising problem, while handling complaints and denunciations in line with the law, and focusing on communications on the events so that voters thoroughly understand their rights and obligations.

Quang Tri has completed the second negotiations on candidates to the 15th NA and People’s Councils at all levels. It expects to have six NA deputies, while the number of candidates so far is nine.

Meanwhile, the province has received nominations of 90 candidates who run for 50 seats at the provincial People’s Council. It has also seen 530 candidates to the People’s Councils at district level and 5,339 candidates to the People’s Councils at communal level.

Source: VNA