At the N.A. Standing Committee’s 46th session (Photo: quochoi)

Phuc suggested that the first stage be held online over nine days, from October 19 to October 28, with lawmakers then meeting for another nine days from November 3 to 12.

He said Q&A sessions should be organized over three days during the first stage to give relevant agencies time to prepare a resolution regarding the sessions before submitting it to the N.A. for approval in the second stage.

However, the heads of several N.A. committees proposed holding Q&A sessions in the second stage to help heat up the 10th session’s agenda.

Regarding the outcomes of the ninth session - the first to be held in both teleconference and in-person forms due to COVID-19 - Phuc said it was a success, with the entire agenda completed and ten laws and 21 resolutions adopted.

Source: VNA