In the morning, Hoang Thanh Tung, member of the NA Standing Committee and Chairman of the NA’s Committee for Legal Affairs, delivered a report on amendments to the draft revised law on administration violations settlement.

The amended contents include principles to settle administration violations, specific competence in administration violations settlement, maximum fine of violations, and making minutes of violations.

The N.A. Standing Committee gives opinions on a draft revised Law on Handling Administrative Violations and a draft Law on International Agreement.

In the afternoon, legislators will scrutinise a draft Law on International Agreement after hearing Nguyen Van Giau, member of the N.A. Standing Committee and Chairman of the N.A.’s Committee for External Relations report on revised draft.

The law project was discussed at the 46th meeting of the N.A. Standing Committee’s 9th session.

Several contents of the revised bill comprise concept of international agreements, language of the agreements, signing of international agreements, state management agencies of international agreements, and instruction on the signing and implementation of the agreements, among others.

Source: VNA