The press conference was held to announce the NEC’s resolution on the outcomes of the elections of deputies to the 15th NA and the People’s Councils at all levels for the 2021-2025 tenure and on the list of 499 candidates elected to the 15th legislature.

Standing NA Vice Chairman and Standing Vice Chairman of the NEC Tran Thanh Man speaks at the event

The event was chaired by Standing NA Vice Chairman and Standing Vice Chairman of the NEC Tran Thanh Man.

Among the 499 elected deputies, there are 32 deputies working in the military.

Speaking at the press conference, Man emphasized the success of the elections with a turnout rate of 99.6 percent, adding that it demonstrates the combined strength of the people and the entire political system under the Party's leadership and the State’s management.

It also vividly reflects the tradition of patriotism, the power of great national unity, and the people’s solid trust in the regime, the Party and the State.

Meanwhile, Chief of the NEC Office Bui Van Cuong informed that 500 deputies had been elected to the 15th legislature. However, after considering the eligibility of the winners, in line with the laws, the NEC decided not to confirm the eligibility of one elected candidate in Binh Duong province.

Cuong also revealed that 38.6 percent of the elected will work as full-time NA deputies in this term, a record high. Attentively, the rates of young, ethnic and re-elected deputies met or surpassed the targets.

Among the newly elected deputies, there are 151 female deputies, making up 30.26 percent of the 15th NA deputies.

Translated by Chung Anh