Key Party officials from ministries, central agencies, organisations and provinces and cities are gathering at a national conference in Hanoi to study the Resolution and documents issued by the 12th National Party Congress.

Speaking on behalf of the Politburo and Party Central Committee Secretariat at the conference’s opening on April 19, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong stressed the 12th Party Congress’ documents are the crystallisation of the intelligence of all officials, party members and people.

At the conference

He noted that the documents contain many new points, which demonstrate the development in the Party’s theoretical thinking on politics, economics, culture, society, security-defence, foreign affairs, party-building and political system.

According to the Party leader, the documents clarify the Party’s consistent viewpoints, the most essential issues of Vietnam’s revolution, the principles of the Party’s operation as well as set out specific missions, new and urgent issues arising from reality.

“The important thing at the moment is to put the Resolution into practice, to ensure the effective implementation of the Resolution. We need to fully understand and implement the Resolution, considering it an extensive political drive of special importance in order to create changes in awareness and forge unity in both will and action among the Party, the people and the army, especially among key officials at all levels and sectors,” General Secretary Trong stated clearly.

The study of the resolution must contribute to strengthening the Party politically and ideologically, stopping and curbing the degradation in political ideology and morality as well as signs of “self-evolution” within the Party; correcting misguided perception and effectively countering wrong and hostile viewpoints.

The Party leader required delegates to carefully study each of the six key missions defined at the 12th Congress and relate them to requirements and specific conditions in their own locality, agency and organisation with a view to execute those missions effectively during the 2016-2021 term.

Source: VNA