General To Lam, Politburo Member and Minister of Public Security, chaired the ceremony with the participation of leaders of the Ministry of Public Security and policemen reinforced to the Southern battlefield during the war.

At the event. Photo: VNA

In his remarks at the event, General To Lam said the Party, State and people are always grateful to the Southern security force, including the reinforced policemen sent to the Southern battlefield from the North for their contributions during the war.

Deputy Minister of Public Security Lieutenant General Luong Tam Quang briefed participants on the victories and contributions made by the reinforced police officers on the Southern battlefield.

On behalf of the Party, State and MPS leaders, Minister To Lam presented the title of Hero of the People's Armed Forces to representatives of the contingent of veteran police officers reinforced to the Southern battlefield.

Minister To Lam congratulated all the Southern battlefield veteran policemen on the noble title, emphasizing that this was the honor of not only the Southern battlefield veteran policemen, but also the entire Public Security Forces.

During the war, 906 public security officers were killed on duty across battlefields in the south, 46 public security officers were arrested and imprisoned by the adversary while hundreds of others were wounded or exposed to Agent Orange/Dioxin.

The public security minister stressed that the award has demonstrated that the Party, State and people have properly recognized and appreciated the achievements and contributions of the entire Public Security Forces in the national resistance war against American invaders.

Minister To Lam also called on all public security officers and soldiers to support people in flood-hit areas of central provinces.  Right at the ceremony, the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security held a fund-raising event for victims of the recent natural disasters in central provinces.

Source: CAND

Translated by Song Anh