In his opening remarks, the leader said the world economy is facing numerous difficulties due to a growth slowdown and soaring inflation. Central banks of the U.S., the E.U., the U.K., and Japan have also moved to hike interest rates and appreciate their currencies, which has substantially affected other countries, including Vietnam.

The Prime Minister chairs Government's September law-building session.

Given this, solutions need to be devised to respond to that situation, he said.

The session will also look into planning, which he described as a major and hard issue.

Government members will also discuss the macro-economic situation in the remaining months of 2022 and early 2023; the realization of macro-economic targets, including inflation control and public investment disbursement; focuses of monetary and fiscal policies and market governance; the development of sectors; and the implementation of measures for ensuring food security and developing agriculture.

The Cabinet will scrutinize the national general planning for 2021 - 2030, COVID-19 prevention and control policies, and proposals for revising the notarization and mineral laws and making a law that amends and supplements some articles of the Pharmaceuticals Law.

Source: VNA