Hue took the occasion to thank the Party Organization to the 14th N.A. and the 14th N.A. Standing Committee for proposing an initiative to the Politburo to issue a conclusion on law-building orientations for the entire tenure. On such basis, the Politburo issued Conclusion No.19 on orientations to the legislation program for the 15th legislature with eight major orientation groups, 70 specific orientations and 137 law-building tasks.

N.A. Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue presents gift to a former N.A. leader.

In legal supervision, Hue said the N.A. Standing Committee pooled resources for supreme supervision with the involvement of the State Audit Office and local People’s Councils.

The N.A. Standing Committee also held a nationwide teleconference on launching 2022 supervision program of the N.A. and N.A. Standing Committee.

According to the top legislator, the 15th N.A. has been inheriting the 76-year tradition of the Vietnamese legislature and successes of the previous N.A. tenures. He expressed his belief that with the tradition of the Vietnamese N.A., the leadership of the Party Central Committee, Politburo and Party Central Committee’s Secretariat, and public support, the 15th N.A. will reform and perfect itself to meet the country’s demand.

He wished that former N.A. leaders and former members of the N.A. Standing Committee would continue sharing their experience and brainpower to the N.A. and N.A. Standing Committee, their agencies and organs via joining sub-committees or scientific research councils, and working as collaborators.

The N.A. Standing Committee always stays ready to acquire opinions related to the N.A.’s functions and tasks to fulfill assigned tasks, he said, adding that it will also renew and improve working efficiency of the N.A. activities to make practical contribution to the cause of national construction, defense and sustainable development.

Source: VNA