Speaking at the event, Chairman of the N.A.’s Committee for Legal Affairs Hoang Thanh Tung said following feedback, the draft law now has 7 chapters and 79 articles, up 5 articles from the version submitted at the N.A.’s third meeting.

N.A. Vice Chairman Nguyen Khac Dinh speaks at the event.

It also upholds the role of every citizen in overseeing activities of officials and cadres to uncover and fight corruption and negative behaviors, optimize democracy, and increase public responsiveness in the implementation of democracy at grassroots levels, he said.

Regulations on the establishment of people’s inspection committees at all grassroots levels were also mentioned in the draft law to ensure fairness in the non-State sector.

Minister of Home Affairs Pham Thi Thanh Tra said units will consider opinions before adding regulations over businesses and organizations that lack trade unions but have youngsters or women’s unions to ensure their democratic rights.

Units will also gather more feedback to help self-governing units perform inspections in residential areas.

Source: VNA