Trang underlined that optimizing strengths and diversifying resources will create steady steps for the agency towards breakthroughs in its long-term strategy.

The reality shows that in many cases, the press cannot be the first to provide information to the public. However, the VNA has always persisted the professionally in accessing, processing and pursuing the information, giving the readers a panoramic, multi-dimensional and objective view on particular issues, she said.

VNA Director General Vu Viet Trang

The VNA leader said that coherence, coordination and multi-platform have been the keywords often used in many aspects of the VNA's work over the years. In a working environment where digital technology application is the major trend, coherence in all stages from direction to production and distribution has ensured smooth connections. Meanwhile, the strengthening of close coordination among the units and the interactions with the public have also ensured VNA follows the agency’s principles and purposes, while meeting the diverse demands of the public at the same time. Besides, bringing media publications to different platforms has also helped it reach a larger community, Trang said.

The official highlighted that the persistent digitization of data information has helped the VNA form a digital database - a platform for it to test and develop products using artificial intelligence, generating more added value for media products in all forms.

A project to develop the VNA into the key multi-media news agency in the national communications system, to be signed by the Prime Minister, will create comprehensive resources for the VNA to realize its development goals in the current digital communication era, stated Trang.

The VNA director general stressed that improving the human resources quality and pushing up the digital transformation are among the solutions for the agency to effectively complete its tasks on strategic information in the new period.

In the digital era, reporters, editors and technicians have changed their working methods from mono-task to multi-task, she said, adding that the VNA products are coming out in the multi-media form instead of the previous single ones. Content linking and cross-promotion have expanded coverage and increased the communication effectiveness of the VNA, stated Trang.

On the occasion of the 77th traditional day of the VNA (September 15, 1945-2022), the VNA Director-General extended gratitude to its journalists of different periods for always devoting a great love to the common house of VNA. The past 77 years of the VNA history has witnessed the sacrifice and devotion of reporters, editors, technicians and staff in all areas through the direct engagement on the information front or silent efforts to keep news flowing, said Trang.

Source: VNA