The article highlighted the birth of the CPV as a historical turning point of the Vietnamese nation, crediting it to the successful combination of Marxism-Leninism with the workers' and patriotic movements.

The article published on Resumen Latinoamericano Newspaper

Since its inception, the CPV has led the Vietnamese people in the struggle for national independence, the liberation of the South, and national reunification. It has been healing the wounds of the war, conducting reform and global integration, and building and developing the nation.

Resumen Latinoamericano quoted the article as underlining the lessons learned and glorious traditions forged during the CPV's 94-year leadership. These core values include unwavering dedication to the interests of the nation and its class, a steadfast commitment to the goals and ideals of national independence coupled with socialism based on Marxism-Leninism and the Ho Chi Minh Ideology, among others.

According to the newspaper, Party leader Trong also underscored the profound bond between the Party and the people, with the CPV’s dedication to serving the people’s needs as its ultimate goal.

The unwavering trust and support from the people, the article stressed, is a key factor in the CPV's achievements. The Vietnamese people, General Secretary Trong concluded, are both the goal and the driving force behind the country’s revolutionary cause.

Source: VNA