PANO – These days, members of the Vietnamese Meridian Team from the Cartography Department under the General Staff are promptly preparing for their first participation in the “Meridian” contest of the International Army Games (Army Games).

In the “Meridian” contest, participating teams will compete in three stages, including “Weapons Practice,” “Azimuth” and “Topographic Quadrathlon.” All competition contents in the contest are challenging, as they require not only competitors’ in-depth knowledge of terrains and the ability to analyze data, but also physical strength to move on rugged terrains while carrying equipment and weapons.

In the “Azimuth” stage, after receiving the order from the chief of the topographic survey crew, members make calculations and move swiftly through rugged terrains to pass all intermediate checkpoints. 

One of the most challenging tasks for Vietnamese competitors is to glue pieces of a cut topographic map back together. In this part, topographic maps are cut into small pieces, and competitors must reassemble them in the shortest amount of time possible.

PANO would like to introduce photos reflecting the Vietnamese team’s advanced training for the upcoming event.

Translated by Tran Hoai