PANO - The tank team of the Vietnamese People’s Army ranked first after competing excellently at the final round of Group 2 of the Tank Biathlon contest at the Army Games 2020.

At 16:00 (local time and 20:00 Hanoi time) on September 4, a closing ceremony for Group 2 of the Tank Biathlon contest was held at Patriot Park in  the outskirts of Moscow, Russia.

The Vietnamese team was followed by Laos, Tajikistan, and Myanmar.

Finishing the competition in two hours, 12 minutes and 47 seconds, the Vietnamese tank team won the  gold medal and  champion cup. Last year, the Vietnamese team ranked second and got a silver medal.

The success of the Vietnamese tank team once again confirms the high determination and tradition “Winning all battles” of the Tank-Armored Corps of Vietnam.

In a solemn ceremony, the national flag of Vietnam was hoisted at the highest position on the stage of the awards ceremony.

Below are photos of the awards ceremony, performances of the Vietnamese tank team, as well as the cheers from Vietnamese fans.

Translated by Mai Huong