PANO - The military medical forces of Vietnam and China joined hands in a humanitarian assistance and medical relief exercise in Mong Cai city of the Vietnamese province of Quang Ninh on December 10.

The exercise aimed to boost coordination and command capabilities of the participating forces from the Vietnam People’s Army and the People’s Liberation Army of China to meet future requirements, especially in international humanitarian assistance.

According to the simulated scenario of the exercise, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in another country, causing serious damage to people and property, leaving a number of structures collapsing, and paralyzing traffic. Thousands of people were buried. Casualties could not be counted. The earthquake’s aftershocks formed tsunamis, resulting in the leakage of some dykes, coastal areas flooded, outbreak of epidemics, among others. On request of the host country and in response to the U.N. call, Vietnam and China decided to deploy their level-2 field hospitals to conduct the humanitarian assistance and medical relief missions in the affected country. 

The People’s Army Newspaper’s online version would like to introduce several photos of the joint exercise.

Translated by Mai Huong