PANO - The “Good Tank Crews” contest hosted by the Armor Corps has concluded at the Armored Officers Training School with various impressive races among tanks and armored vehicles.

During the four-day competition, 15 teams from tank units throughout the military competed in four categories, including combined driving and shooting, first aid for wounded soldiers, folding up the canvas salvage cover of T54M, T55, and PT-76 tanks, and political knowledge. Participating teams’ members also showed their singing and dancing talent at an artistic program event.

According to Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Armor Corps Senior Colonel Ho Viet Truong, the contest was an opportunity for tank troops to show their capabilities. It was also a chance to evaluate the training results and combat readiness of armored units in the military and find the most skilled troops for the tank contingent that will participate in the International Army Games 2021 (Army Games 2021) in Russia.

Translated by Tran Hoai