PANO – Air Defense Regiment 280, as part of heroic Division 361 of the Air Defense Air Force Service, has earned results with flying colors after the first month of training for recruits in 2018.

Firmly holding on to the motto of basic training for recruits while providing in-depth training for first and second year soldiers, enhancing capacity for training staff and regular military-sport competitions, Regiment 280 has made outstanding results in the first month of training in 2018.

In more details, the regiment brought home the first collective prize in training and three individual prizes in preparation for training and training practice in competitions held by Division 361. It successfully held the “political training staff” competition with 100% of the contestants reaching credit and distinction levels, of whom 80% held the distinction grade. The regiment also hosted the refresher course on new weapons and military equipment of the service. Troops of the regiment are highly determined to well fulfill all training contents as planned with high results.

The People’s Army Newspaper would like to present a number of images recorded during the first month of training of the regiment.

Translated by Huu Duong