PANO - After flooding, students in Quang Ninh district of Quang Binh province have returned to school.

Nevertheless, they did not have enough books to study due to the recent flooding.

In order to share difficulties with the flood-hit students, Education Journalists Club 4.0, in coordination with Chu Van An Secondary School (Tay Ho district, Hanoi) and other donors conducted a program themed “Accompanying students in the Central region to overcome flooding.”

In addition to scholarships, stationary, and nearly 400 sets of warm clothes and 400 blankets, totally worth nearly VND 450 million, the students at Chu Van An Secondary School also made postcards and origami cranes to send greetings to students in Gia Ninh kindergarten, Hien Ninh Primary School, An Ninh Secondary School (Quang Ninh district). The handmade postcards were to encourage the distressed students to overcome difficulties and continue their studies.

The People’s Army Newspaper would like to present several images of the program.

Translated by Minh Anh