PANO - Visiting Phu Quoc, also known as Pearl Island of Vietnam, tourists should not miss pure and cool beaches, such as Sao, Ong Lang and Mui Duong.
Summer is drawing near. Let’s go to the Pearl Island where wonderful beaches are waiting for you.
Phu Quoc is widely known for branded beaches, of which Khem beach is a unique with white sand, and blue sapphire seawater.
Recently, along with enjoying the pure, cool seawater in Phu Quoc, tourists have had a chance to experience breathtaking views over beaches across Phu Quoc from a cable car of the world’s longest sea cable car route, connecting An Thoi town with Hon Thom island commune.
It is worth noting that culinary culture on Phu Quoc Island is appealing to any and all seafood lovers. At the top of the list of dishes that visitors must try are “bun quay”- noodles with chopped shrimp, fish and herring, “banh canh ca trich”- rice spaghetti cooked with herring and specially-boiled crab.
Having stimulated your taste-buds, here are some photos of Phu Quoc.
Source: Dantri
Translated by Mai Huong