The conference was held by the State Committee for OV Affairs under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Assembly’s Committee for Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Construction, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. It was connected with over 50 places both at home and abroad via videoconferencing and livestreamed on social networks for OVs to follow.

At the event, officials presented the new points directly related to OVs in the three revised laws, saying the rights of OVs, including those holding Vietnamese nationality or Vietnamese-origin people, are now expanded and stipulated in a more detailed manner.

The revised laws on land, housing, and real estate business have expanded relevant rights of overseas Vietnamese. (Photo for illustration)

OVs said the revised laws have met many of their aspirations and opinions contributed during the amending process. With the new points of these laws, OVs’ rights in the fields of land, housing, and real estate business have been expanded, demonstrating the Party, State, and National Assembly’s attention to Vietnamese abroad.

They expressed their hope that documents guiding law enforcement will further detail those new regulations so that OVs can invest more strongly in domestic housing and real estate.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang, who is also Chairwoman of the State Committee for OV Affairs, said that implementing the Politburo’s directions on OV affairs, the committee has actively coordinated with the relevant sides in the amendment of policies and laws related to OVs, especially the ones on land, housing, and real estate business.

She called on OVs to help with the enforcement of these laws and asked relevant agencies to take in their opinions to continue institutionalizing the Party’s guidelines and policies and properly implement the laws in reality.

Talking to the Vietnam News Agency after the conference, Nguyen Duc Diane Thu Dung, Chairwoman of the French-based Association for the Promotion of Vietnamese Culture (APCV), highly valued the Government’s attention to OVs. She held that the revised Land Law, the revised Law on Housing, and the revised Law on Real Estate Business will give OVs more opportunities and further inspire their willingness to return and contribute to the homeland’s development.

Bui Kim Tuyet, member of the executive committee of the General Union of Vietnamese in France (UGVF), noted she hopes when coming into force in 2025, the revised Land Law will create many opportunities for more OVs in France to return to Vietnam.

She also proposed the State create favorable passport granting conditions so that they can return to buy housing and land in the country. She considered this as important and essential because a number of Vietnamese-origin people have lived in France for a long time but they haven’t got a Vietnamese passport despite high demand.

Voicing his delight at the new land-related policies, Phan Vinh, Vice Chairman of the association of Vietnamese sea and island lovers in France, said the revisions will help attract more OVs and OV entrepreneurs to the homeland to buy houses, make investment, and contribute to national development.

Echoing the view, Assoc. Prof. Tran Phuong Tra at the IPAG Business School in France and Director of the Economic Policy Network of the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global), perceived that the revised Land Law will help create more space of creation for new projects to ensure interests of both localities and OV investors.

Source: VNA