The Vietnamese Embassy in the US on January 10 hosted a New Year program with the participation of about 250 Vietnamese and international friends.

In his remarks, Vietnamese Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc lauded contributions of the Vietnamese community in the US to the host country, as well as to their homeland’s development and national sovereignty protection, and the Vietnam-US comprehensive partnership.

He took the occasion to thank international friends for their support and sentiments towards Vietnam’s national construction and defense, and relations between Vietnam and the US and international organizations.

Guests to the event were treated to special art performances, along with traditional dishes from different regions of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Embassy in the US hosts a New Year programme with the participation of about 250 Vietnamese and international friends. Photo:

A similar event was held by the Vietnamese Consulate General in Australia’s New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia on January 11.

Addressing overseas Vietnamese and foreign friends, Vietnamese Consul General Trinh Duc Hai highlighted the development of the Vietnam-Australia strategic partnership in 2019, saying the two countries have become trustworthy partners and have shared long-term and strategic interests.

He said in early 2020 when many Australian areas have been ravaged by wildfires, overseas Vietnamese in the country have promptly raised funds to support affected residents.

Meanwhile, the association of Vietnamese-Thai people in Bangkok coordinated with the Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand to organize a get-together on January 11 to celebrate the Tet festival.

Prominent among the guests at the event was Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit.

Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Hai Bang reviewed the fruitful cooperation between Vietnam and Thailand in 2019, saying the two countries have become leading partners in trade and investment.

He attributed the thriving relations to contributions of Thai people of Vietnamese origin.

The ambassador thanked local authorities for their incentives to Vietnamese, helping them work and live stably in the host country.

Source: VNA