In response to this situation and following the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the embassy has also actively engaged in discussions with relevant local authorities, requesting support measures from the Myanmar side to ensure security and safety for Vietnamese citizens and create favorable conditions for them to leave the dangerous areas.

Soldiers on the streets in Naypyidaw, Myanmar

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, meanwhile, has contacted relevant authorities of China and Myanmar, seeking their assistance to Vietnam in safeguarding its citizens in the region.

The MoFA has advised Vietnamese citizens to avoid traveling to or staying in Shan, Kayin, and Rakhine states, if not absolutely necessary. Those currently living in these states should promptly have plans to safely evacuate themselves and their assets to a third country or return to Vietnam. The citizens should get regularly updated on information from the Myanmar authorities and the MoFA (Consular Department or Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar) to respond promptly.

In case of emergencies, they can contact the hotlines for citizen protection of the embassy at +959660888998 and of the MoFA's Consular Department at +84 981 84 84 84; +84 965 41 11 18 or its email at

Source: VNA