During the visit on June 25, the delegation launched a fund-raising campaign to aid the affected people. More than 200,000 CZK (over 9,300 USD) were raised by Vietnamese in the Czech Republic within a day along with essential goods and foods.

Vietnamese people suffering serious property losses 

Tran Ngoc Dung, Vice President of the Vietnamese Association in Brno and South Moravia said right after the tornado and hailstorm ended, he visited the affected families.

The tornado and hailstorm, considered the strongest over the past century, on June 24 (local time) swept through several villages in South Moravia where many Vietnamese families are living.

As of June 25 night, the natural disasters killed five and injured hundred others, according to local authorities. 

The association said nearly 30 Vietnamese families in the villages were hit hard by the natural disasters, with six suffering serious property losses.

Source: VNA