The UN celebrates its 70th anniversary on October 24. From 51 original members, the UN has grown to 193 members and 2 observers, becoming the most influential organization in the world. Since joining the UN 38 years ago, Vietnam has always been a responsible member.

The UN has been operating for a fair and peaceful world. Over the past 70 years, the UN has been the world’s largest organization. It has been mandated to ensure development, security, and peace, and protect basic human rights.

Vietnam has been one of the first countries to fulfill many UN Millennium Development Goals ahead of schedule. Source: VOV

An active member of the UN

Vietnam joined the UN on September 20, 1977, opening a new period of multilateralization and diversification policy in Vietnam’s external relations. Vietnam has always fulfilled its tasks and actively initiated ideas.

The country supports the UN goals of maintaining peace and security, preventing arms race, conflicts, and dispute, disarmament, and improving relations among countries. It has been a signatory to several UN conventions. In 2009 Vietnam was elected President of the UN Conference on Disarmament. Vietnam has sent non-combat officers to UN peacekeeping forces.

Vietnam has been one of the first countries to fulfill many UN Millennium Development Goals ahead of schedule. It is one of eight countries piloting the One UN Initiative.

As Chairman of the UN Security Council in July 2009, Vietnam proposed consulting UN members on the annual report. At UN forums, Vietnam has actively suggested ideas to resolve socio-economic, cultural, humanitarian, and human right issues and reform UN agencies towards increased transparency, democracy, and efficiency.

Vietnam’s status has risen

Vietnam has upheld its external policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, openness, multilateralization, and diversification. The international community considers Vietnam a reliable and responsible partner. Following the principles of respecting independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, peacefully resolving disputes, and ensuring the legitimate rights of all UN members, particularly under-developed nations, Vietnam has actively participated in UN missions, which has raised its international status and protected its national interests.

Acknowledging Vietnam’s contributions, UN members elected Vietnam a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in the 2008-2009 term, a member of the UN Human Rights Council in the 2014-2016 term, and a member of the UN Economic and Social Council in the 2016-2018 term.

Source: VOV