In a recent interview granted to Vietnam News Agency correspondents in New York, head of the Swedish mission at the United Nations Olof Skoog said Vietnam is in an “excellent” position to become a member of the UNSC, as there is a huge support for the country in this bid. “The chances for Vietnam are very very good,” the diplomat said.

Head of the Swedish mission to the United Nations Olof Skoog in an interview with Vietnam News Agency correspondents in New York

According to the ambassador, there are currently many challenges when a country takes the position of a non-permanent member of the council. They include the clear division among the permanent members of the UNSC and the very difficult issues on its agenda like lingering conflicts and violations of international law.

The diplomat further said running for the seat this time, Vietnam has a “very interesting” history of having gone through difficult conflicts and found the way to heal the wounds and to find peace. “Vietnam understands the need to find political diplomatic solutions to disputes… Vietnam is well suited to serve in the UNSC,” Ambassador Skoog stressed.

As for the experiences to get effective cooperation with other members of the UNSC, the ambassador said once elected, Vietnam should make its first impression and to find friends and allies to cooperate with.

“Everyone has high expectation for Vietnam to play a very constructive role in the Security Council,” the Swedish diplomat concluded.

Source: VNA