The G21 is one of the regional groups of the CD, with 33 member countries from the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

In the capacity, Vietnam coordinated in building drafts, and worked together with G21 members to adopt three joint statements to consolidate the group’s viewpoints and stance on major issues.

The CD's rotating President Anupam Ray, and Vietnam's Charge d'Affaires a.i Cung Duc Han

On behalf of the group, a representative from the Vietnamese permanent mission in Geneva delivered speeches at the conference’s plenary sessions.

At a session on January 23, the G21 reaffirmed the importance it attaches to the CD’s role as the only multilateral negotiating mechanism in disarmament, and called on member countries to make more efforts to restore and improve the efficiency of the conference's activities and resume substantive negotiations, including the adoption of a balanced and comprehensive work program.

At another on January 30, the Vietnamese representative spoke of the participation of non-member countries of the CD as observers.

The G21 called on the CD to observe and uphold the most basic principles of multilateralism, and ensure transparency, inclusiveness and objectivity in considering and resolving the above-said issues.

After sessions and discussions, the conference agreed to approve 22 countries to become CD observers in 2024.

Vietnam also chaired the drafting and building of the G21 joint statement on disarmament, expected to be delivered at the CD High-Level Segment from February 27 to March 1 at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Vietnamese delegation chaired four meetings with G21 members, and attended weekly meetings with the Presidents of the CD in the year.

Notably, Vietnam took the initiative to invite the current President of the CD, India, and the incoming President, Indonesia, to participate in meetings with the G21 to enhance interaction and exchange information.

After the month-long conference, G21 countries congratulated Vietnam on its successful performance of the role, and hailed its activeness, responsibility, professional and efficiency.

Vietnam helped the NAM demonstrate its role and voice at the world's leading multilateral forum on disarmament, they said.

CD rotating Presidents such as India and Indonesia also appreciated and expressed their trust and confidence in the Vietnamese delegation.

Source: VNA