The event drew the participation of 47 member states, and more than 100 observer states, international organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Ambassador Duong Chi Dung (center) at the event

In her remarks at the opening session, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet reiterated the priority to promote human rights amid global climate change, saying never before has the world faced such a formidable challenge.

Chaotic weather patterns and other manifestations of the environmental emergency are reversing major development gains, exacerbating conflict, displacement and social tension, hampering economic growth and shaping increasingly harsh inequalities, she said.

Bachelet said the UNHRC has a critical role to play, with both existing and innovative means to contribute to climate response, pointing out five key points that should guide global action on climate, including climate change undermining rights, development and peace; effective climate action requiring broad and meaningful participation; actions needed to protect those who defend the environment; support for small island nations that suffer the most catastrophic effects of climate change; and the business community having a significant role in climate action.

Besides, the UN commissioner also drew the UNHRC’s attention to other human rights situations such as tension in Kashmir, protests in Hong Kong (China), children of migrant families in the US and Mexico, and migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

Welcoming advancement in ensuring human rights in many other nations, she said that with strong cooperation, commitment and efforts, the nations will be able to protect their achievements in ensuring human rights.

The 42nd session, which will last until September 27, is scheduled to pass more than 25 draft resolutions on human rights.

Source: VNA