The event saw the participation of officials, and scholars from Russia and ASEAN countries.

Speakers at dialogue between ASEAN and Russia within the framework of EEF that is taking place in Russia's Far East city of Vladivostok

The year 2023 marks the 5th anniversary of the strategic partnership between Russia and ASEAN. During the transformation of the current global economic system, Russia is especially interested in creating additional incentives to strengthen and diversify trade and economic cooperation with ASEAN. Priorities include ensuring food and energy security, circular economy, environmental issues, economic digitization, smart city development, and strengthening cooperation in science and education.

Speaking at the event, President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin said that Russia and ASEAN have a lot of potential for cooperation.

Russian speakers also emphasized digital transformation, smart cities, advanced technology, and tourism are areas with strong growth prospects between Russia and ASEAN.

However, there remain limitations such as international payment issues, transportation, and sanctions against Russia.

Dr. Alexander Korolev, an ASEAN expert at the Higher School of Economics (HSE), said that amid current competition, Russia must introduce new formats and products to access the ASEAN market.

According to Dr. Korolev, Vietnam is an important country in ASEAN because only Vietnam has established a comprehensive strategic partnership with Russia.

He also said that artificial intelligence and high technology are areas that can become a driving force for cooperation between Russia and ASEAN, especially e-commerce, agreements on e-commerce, and platforms.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment of Vietnam Do Thanh Trung, said that the EEF focuses on current general development trends of countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Russia also introduced the great potential of the Far East region to ASEAN countries. The region now has a huge demand for developing strategic infrastructure such as seaport systems, traffic, housing, and transportation systems.

Regarding potential for tourism development between Russia and ASEAN, delegates mentioned the reopening of direct flights between Russia and Myanmar after 30 years.

The Vietnamese official said few Vietnamese tourists have explored the Far East region, which can be seen as an opportunity not only for Vietnamese tourists but also for its tourism businesses to develop their products in the area, especially when travel between Vietnam and the Far East becomes convenient.

Source: VNA