PANO - Vietnam’s customs authority today launched a two-day workshop, which is sponsored by the US Government through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), to work out plans to implement a National Single Window. This will enhance cargo transfer and trade efficiency by 2011.

This initiative speeds up custom clearances and release of cargo by enabling data and information for imported goods to be submitted and handled in a single integrated process.

Vietnam and other ASEAN Member States have agreed to create their National Single Windows by 2012, a necessary step to achieve an ASEAN Single Window (ASW) which will allow the National Single Window of Vietnam and other ASEAN Member States to interconnect in order to increase regional trade and economic growth.

“The vision for any single window is simple: create a policy and information technology environment that will improve the handling of goods at borders so containers can clear customs quickly and consumers enjoy secure and timely delivery of goods at a lower cost,” said the US Ambassador Michael W. Michalak. “This is good for business, and what’s good for business is good for growth.”

The USAID ASW project, located in Jakarta, assist efforts by ASEAN to establish a regional single window toward its goal of establishing the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015.

Mai Huong