Such positions will also help to improve Vietnam’s position and deepen its relations with other countries and major partners, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh wrote in a recent article.

Pointing out the present challenges to global peace and security such as prolonged conflicts in Africa, escalating tensions in the Middle East and potential “flash points” in some regions, including Asia-Pacific, Minh affirmed that Vietnam will continue persistently pursuing its foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, active international integration, multilateralization and diversification.

The country will make efforts to promote dialogues, ease tensions and confrontations, and seek fair, suitable solutions to issues that threaten regional and global peace and security, he said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh

At the same time, Vietnam will work to promote respect for international law and the UN Charter, especially basic principles on sovereignty equality between countries, as well as respect for independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and socio-political regimes, no interference in each other’s internal affairs, the peaceful settlement of disputes, and not using or threatening to use force, Minh said. 

The Deputy PM also stressed Vietnam’s advocacy of the spirit of “partnership for sustainable peace,” which focuses on conflict prevention, peace building, post-conflict reconstruction and enhancement of multilateralism and multilateral institutions, especially the UN and regional organizations.

As President of the UNSC in January 2020, Vietnam will do its best to fulfill the task of managing the council’s operations and step up the search for solutions to issues raised at the council’s agenda, he said.

Apart from maintaining the objectivity, transparency and respect for the UN Charter as well as the council’s procedures, the country will reconcile differences of parties and strive to build consensus.

Regarding the UNSC’s work program in January 2020, Minh said Vietnam will preside over more than 30 meetings and debates, and the council will decide on the operations of peace-keeping and political missions in some countries like Cyprus, Yemen and Libya, among others.

There will be two major events focusing on enhancing the observance of the UN Charter and forging cooperation between the UN and UNSC, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Deputy PM said.

“With a foreign policy of independence and self-reliance, the country’s new position, international support, experience in hosting regional and international multilateral mechanisms, careful preparations and close, effective coordination between ministries and agencies at home and abroad, we have adequate foundations to believe that Vietnam will successfully perform the UNSC’s presidency in January 2020, creating momentum for the country to serve as the council’s non-permanent membership,” Minh stressed.

Source: VNA