Lacroix hailed Vietnam’s provision of level-2 field hospitals to South Sudan, stressing that this is the kind of capacity that the U.N. needs its member countries to contribute, as in the more dangerous environment that peacekeepers are working, better protection and medical support is required.

United Nations (U.N.) Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix

The U.N. Under-Secretary-General said that U.N. is working to with Vietnam to deploy an engineering company to the U.N. Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA). He added that this is an area of critical importance, stressing the significance of good engineering to peacekeeping operations.

“I believe that Vietnam understands well what the priorities of peacekeeping are, and will do its best to respond to these priorities. That is why we really appreciate what Vietnam has been doing with us since started to contributing to peacekeeping operations in 2014.”

Lacroix said that the U.N. expects to work more with Vietnam as the U.N. can see the country’s capacity through the deployment of level-2 field hospitals and the upcoming engineering company.

He hailed Vietnam’s efforts to improve the proportion of women peacekeepers (15 percent currently), adding that he believes that with the participation of more women, peacekeeping operations will be more effective.

The U.N. needs more specific capacity to better protect peacekeepers, particularly against attacks, along with officers who can collect and analyse information, react quickly and move more quickly to effectively support civilians in conflicts. These are areas of critical need to international peacekeeping operations, which are also potential areas that the U.N. can work with Vietnam.

Looking back on U.N. operations in 2021, Lacroix said that he believes that the U.N. peacekeeping operations have been implemented successfully throughout in a difficult year of 2021 amid COVID-19, with peacekeepers ensuring the strict implementation of ceasefires and delivering humanitarian support and protecting hundreds of thousands of civilians in countries they are deployed.

Regarding major challenges facing peacekeeping operations currently, he pointed to a lack of unity among the international community to actively support political efforts and the seeking of political solutions. He also mentioned the challenge from the worsening conflicts as well as security and political situation and the more dangerous environment in areas where U.N. peacekeeping missions are working.

In the recent minister-level meeting on peacekeeping, the majority of countries supported peacekeeping operations, and some countries proved their capacity to make more contributions to the operations, including Vietnam, he noted.

Lacroix held that next year, one of the priorities of the U.N. is to continue the efforts that the U.N. has implemented with U.N. member states, including Vietnam, in order to improve the effectiveness, the impacts and the level of protection of peacekeeping operations. He said he believes that in this effort, the U.N. can count on the cooperation of Vietnam.

Source: VNA