Vietnam will become the first market for enterprises from north Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture to launch the “Cool Hokkaido” initiative, including a cultural village to be established in October 2015, in an attempt to support the locality’s business operations in Southeast Asia.

Hokkaido cuisine. (Photo:


In a bid to popularise Hokkaido culinary culture, Cool Hokkaido will inaugurate “Hokkaido Village” in Ho Chi Minh City in October 2015, with a large-scale food area spanning 1,500 square metres. In addition, Cool Hokkaido will work to provide Hokkaido-made food at existing Japanese restaurants in the city, ultimately aiming to promote trade between Hokkaido and Vietnam.

Enterprises in Hokkaido will open chain stores in Hokkaido Village, offering the region’s famous sushi and grilled chicken, as well as Hokkaido Yatai Village, Hokkaido cooking classes, and a beauty salon in order to spread the Hokkaido image in Vietnam.

As many as 11 enterprises in Hokkaido, including financial institutes, are expected to join the initiative.

Source: VNA