The conference was held by the Institute of Indian and Southwest Asian Studies under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences via both online and offline format.

At the event

Recently, South, East and Southeast Asia have emerged as a big growth triangle of Asia thanks to dynamic growth and significant geo-strategic locations. It is evident that if South Asia’s linkages with East and Southeast Asia are further promoted, the global balance will be shifted away from the Western economies toward the Asian economies.

Therefore, the three regions must promptly initiate ways to tighten the inter-regional connectivity, creating infrastructure for greater political, economic and social interactions.

Accordingly, the conference aimed to clarify the historical linkages between South Asia and East - Southeast Asia while seeking measures to promote the linkages by strengthening the interoperability, information exchange, and expanding cooperation with allies and partners.

During the event, the organizing panel featured main contents, including identifying the historical and current linkages between South Asia and East – Southeast Asia; key elements affecting inter-regional linkages and integration; historical linkages in political, economic, security, social and cultural fields; bilateral linkages; sub-regional economic networks, and more.

In addition, the conference analyzed challenges that the three regions have faced, namely the COVID-19 pandemic’s consequences, supply chain disruptions, protectionism, climate changes, and so on, thereby, offering recommendations for equitable growth in South, East and Southeast Asia.

The event provided a forum for scholars, experts, researchers from domestic and foreign agencies, organizations, and institutes to explore ways to expand and enhance the linkages between South Asia and East - Southeast Asia, contributing to accelerating integration and shared prosperity in Asia.

Translated by Quynh Oanh