Ambassador Olof Skoog, head of the EU Delegation to the UN, said “it was a very good debate.”

The EU side is “very strong supportive of the UN,” the Ambassador told the Vietnam News Agency (VNA)’s correspondents in New York.

Delegates at the open debate

The UN needs support as it “cannot do everything everywhere by itself,” he said, highlighting the important role by regional organisations in conflict prevention and resolution since they have trust and confidence among parties of conflict.

“So as long as they always follow the UN Charter, respect the international law, I think that kind of locally driven diplomacy,” he said.

Ambassador Anouparb Vongnorkeo, Permanent Representative of Laos to the UN, stressed that Vietnam has played an increasingly important role in the UN, especially the UNSC.

According to the Lao Ambassador, the matters proposed by Vietnam in the debate are significance as they look towards to promoting cooperation within the UN as well as between the UN, notably the UNSC, with regional and sub-regional organisations.

Hailing the smooth and effective collaboration between the UN and regional organisations, he said the two sides have made efforts and carried out activities to enhance the cooperation.

In an interview with the VNA, Ambassador Fatima Kyari Mohammed, Permanent Observer of the African Union (AU) to the UN, appreciated Vietnam for making this high-level open debate.

Highlighting the role of regional organizations and regional cooperation as a whole is fundamental for building confidence and promoting dialogue in conflict prevention and resolution, she said.

“From the AU perspective, we have signed joint framework for enhanced partnership in peace and security as well as development with the UN over three years ago,” the ambassador said.

“And since then cooperation between the two organisations has been strengthened to the institutionalization of our joint efforts, reinforcing our collaboration and coherence, and harmonizing strategies and approaches.”

Also on April 19, UN Secretary-General António Guterres and President of the UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir held meetings with Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UN. The UN officials commended the April 19 debate chaired by Vietnam.

President of the UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir (left) and Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy

On this occasion, Quy had a direct meeting with Ambassador Guillermo Fernández de Soto, Permanent Representative of Colombia to the UN, during which the two sides compared notes on activities of the UNSC regarding the implementation of the peace agreement signed by the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in 2016.

Quy affirmed that Vietnam always backs the peace process in Colombia and wishes that all relevant sides will continue with dialogue in order to deal with the present challenges, especially through established mechanisms in accordance with the peace agreement.

Vietnam will work together with the UN and the international community to support the Colombian government, and promote peace, security and development in Colombia, he said.

Asked about the UNSC’s open debate, Quy told the VNA said the participating countries, both members and non-members of the UNSC, commended Vietnam’s preparations for the event in terms of contents and logistics.

Source: VNA