As a pioneer of Films for Vietnamese Children Contest, the first of its kind in Hanoi, Japan-Vietnam Goodwill Ambassador Sugi Ryotaro has helped students of Hanoi capital express their views on lives, schooling and worries when they experience an increasingly polluted environment.


- What is your impression on 9 VCDs directed and shot by Hanoi students?

- This contest is unique as it, for the first time, gives to and features Vietnamese students in staging, directing, editing and dubbing films. No limitation on themes encourages them to choose the best one. I am surprised and excited as watching 9 works by students of Chu Van An, Ly Thuong Kiet secondary schools, Phuong Nam private school and Lomonoxop school. Those works help me understand more their concerns, expectations and thoughts relating to lives and people around them.

Through 9 awarded films, we could feel how much love Hanoi students spend for the Capital, where they are born and grown up each day. Films on schools and beloved teachers, classmates are also shot.

Notably, 4 out of 9 VCDs deal with environment. Students want to call on the whole society to pay much attention in protecting environment and keeping Hanoi evergreen and ever-beautiful. Awareness of no littering in public areas and acknowledging how important environment to life is is also brought up in films.

More importantly, they have spoken out what they are thinking about life despite their maladroit shooting and lay-out.

A work named “A dull student” shot by Lomonoxop secondary school shocked the jury and me due to its unique idea, natural acting and an implied lesson of how to become as a man as well. The film is about a teacher of primary school trying to give first important lessons to her bad student.

- What makes you pay special attention to Vietnamese children? How many adopted children have you got in Vietnam so far?

- I have visited Vietnam for many times and witnessed plight of poor children. Therefore, I decided to do something, even smallest one, to pull them out of hardship. I have got no child, so my sentiments to Vietnam’s poor children encourage me to adopt some.

To date, I have got 26 adopted children of Vietnamese native. My two adopted children got married and I felt happy being a grandfather. I have afforded school fees for all of them. I also try my best to have them paid at universities. I have not set any criteria to adopt poor children. I am going to have more than 100 adopted children in Vietnam. In addition, I join hand to help disadvantaged children in Thailand and Singapore.

- As a goodwill ambassador, what are you going to do to tighten cultural exchange between Vietnam and Japan?

- Children are country’s future leaders and society’s core, therefore, I will contribute my efforts to build determination and will of constructing country among Vietnamese and Japanese children. I would like to do something as Uncle Ho did. I mean trying my best to cultivate seedings to grow firm and tall so that they turn out capable citizens to build the country of Vietnam bigger and bigger, more and more beautiful and modern.

- Thank you very much.

Translated by Mai Huong