President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Board President of the Forum of Young Parliamentarians Dan Carden said that the world is facing many challenges related to technology such as fake news, and social and political divisions, which pose a need to raise general awareness of using technology more effectively to solve challenges in society, thus helping legislative bodies make right decisions for development.

President of the IPU Board President of the Forum of Young Parliamentarians Dan Carden

According to him, as Vietnam will develop rapidly in the coming years, digital technology will be key to solving challenges such as climate change, to which it is one of the most vulnerable countries.

He expressed his hope that through the conference, young politicians can make important decisions about how the world copes with future challenges.

Emphasizing the role of perfecting institutions in the process of promoting development in general and digital transformation in particular, Nguyen Thi Hue, a deputy from Bac Kan province, said that when institutions cannot meet development needs, the implementation will be very difficult.

It is clear that whichever country quickly approaches this issue and puts in place adequate institutions to encourage the promotion of digital transformation, that country will have more opportunities for success, Hue shared.

Many delegates agreed that digital transformation is more of a policy and institutional revolution than a technological revolution, in which young generations play a key role.

Regarding the third session on promoting respect for cultural diversity in support of sustainable development, Nguyen Thi Ha, a Vietnamese delegate, said culture is an important factor for countries to realize sustainable development goals, adding that it is also identified as one of the elements that decide the strength and position of each country in the international arena.

She also stressed that at present, innovation and entrepreneurship have strategic significance for every country because they promote growth and bring added value to socio-economic activities.

Innovation and entrepreneurship allow developing countries to move faster in implementing the sustainable development goals (SDGs), she added.

Many agreed that young Vietnamese parliamentarians should learn from experiences of foreign parliaments in legislating, supervising, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and also make proposals on policies and solutions to minimize risks in startups.

Source: VNA