In an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency, Archambault held that the ambition of elevating the ties between France and Vietnam has a good foundation.

He highlighted dialogue between France and Vietnam as part of the necessary dialogue between different civilizations, saying both sides work together to discuss and help each other for development.

France-Vietnam Friendship Association (AAFV)’s General Secretary Jean-Pierre Archambault

He said Vietnam has given France many experiences in absorbing and minimizing negative impacts from other civilizations. However, he said, the strategic partnership between the two countries has yet to match their potential.

The AAFV General Secretary underlined that over the years, the association has supported Tran To Nga, a Vietnamese French woman and an AO victim, during her lawsuit against chemical companies supplying Agent Orange/dioxin to the U.S. troops during the war in Vietnam.

He stressed that the international community highly values the initial effectiveness of Vietnam’s COVID-19 prevention and control policies.

He once again highlighted the friendship between the two nations which has been built since the previous century, and France’s solidarity with a nation that had experienced greatest challenges and difficulties to play an important role and leave its imprint in the world history.

The solidarity and friendship between the two countries have been on a more equal footing as Vietnam has recorded remarkable progress, he stated.

Source: VNA