The Vietnamese language department under the Department of Asian and North African Studies of the university was established in 2019, providing students with knowledge of history, literature, economics, geopolitics, art and all aspects of the Vietnamese culture. The university has the most complete Vietnamese learning program in Italy.

The idea of a program to teach Vietnamese in particular and Vietnamese studies in general was initiated by Professor Marco Ceresa, Dean of the department, who said Vietnam as well as Southeast Asia plays a very important role in culture and economy.

The cultural and musical event named “Vietnam Soul” features various performances by students who learn Vietnamese language at the Department of Asian and North African Studies, Italy's Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Associate Professor Richard Quang Anh Tran, who was tasked with developing the Vietnamese language section said Venice, a gateway to the exchange of civilizations, boasts a great potential for developing research programs on Vietnamese studies.

Ceresa said the number of students registered to learn Vietnamese remains stable, while Richard expressed his belief that through further cooperation with universities in Vietnam, more and more Italian students will study the Vietnamese language and have a broader vision of the Southeast Asian nation’s rich culture.

Source: VNA