Vo Van Thuong, permanent member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee

Yechury spoke highly of Vietnam’s achievements under the leadership of the CPV, and its experience in building the organization and political system and ensuring social equality.

He said the CPI-M is currently prioritizing enhancing democracy and promoting social equality and progress. Voicing his concern over the adverse impacts of COVID-19 and the rise of the far right and extremism, he said as countries are facing various challenges today, it is important for communist parties all over the world to unite and cooperate with each other.

He expected the CPV and the CPI-M to further strengthen ties in the coming years through delegate exchanges and sharing of information and experience.

During the talks

Thuong, for his part, congratulated the CPI-M on the success of its 23rd national congress and Yechury on being re-elected as Secretary General.

Affirming that the CPV treasures friendly relations with communist and left-wing parties globally, particularly the CPI-M, Thuong agreed to step up bilateral ties between the two parties and proposed several plans for cooperation, such as delegation exchange, sharing of information and experience in party building, and developing socio-economic policies.

The CPI-M chief agreed with Thuong's proposals, saying he stands ready to coordinate with the CPV in taking specific actions in the coming time.

Source: VNA