The workshop themed “Modern Journalism and Communication Skills in the 21st century: Sharing Experiences between Sweden and Vietnam” aims to provide journalism skills needed by journalists working at major Vietnamese press agencies.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Hoang Vinh Bao speaking at the workshop
This event is seen as a continuation of the modern journalism education cooperation program between the two countries carried out over the past 10 years.

Addressing the event, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Peredic Hogberg said Sweden gave birth to a press law 250 years ago, the first of this kind in the world. Since then, according to him, the law has made a significant contribution to Sweden’s national development and social advancement. The press law has also enabled the Swedish to legally access all information, except for national secrets.

The Swedish Ambassador noted that the current information age has posed both opportunities and challenges to the press and media. Vietnam is taking the lead in the region in terms of growth rate of internet users and broadband development, he said, and this requires the local press ad media to quickly renovate their operations and facilities.

He hoped the workshop could help local press and media agencies find out solutions to their issues as well as provide useful journalism skills for local reporters and editors via active discussions and experience sharing.

Making remarks at the workshop, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Hoang Vinh Bao highlighted Sweden as one of the most active supporters for the Vietnamese press and media sector over the past years, expressing thanks to Sweden for its great support in training thousands of Vietnamese journalists through Sweden-sponsored courses in both Vietnam and Sweden.

The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications also emphasized the need to develop the multimedia press agency model in the current context.

During the two-day workshop, experts and senior journalists of both countries shared experiences in practical journalistic activities in each country. They also discussed how press and media agencies could contribute more to socio-economic development.

Translated by Thu Nguyen